How To Get Outside When You Live in the City

Welcome to the city, where the words backcountry and backyard are not quite synonymous. Adventure requires a bit more creativity when we are confined by the limits of the concrete jungle. But there are some crazy fun ways to enjoy the outdoors and to simply move your body!




We love scavenger hunts. Give us a map and a prize and we turn into Christopher Columbus circa 1492. Geocaching is the outdoor lover’s official scavenger hunt, where literally millions of people around the world have buried “treasure” with the sole purpose of being located and left for someone else to find.


To participate, make a free account on the Geocaching website, consult your GPS, and get discovering. Use the given coordinates to find a treasure. When you find it, leave your mark in the logbook and re-hide it in the same spot for another adventure seeker to find.


Indoor Rock Climbing

Climbing is one of our most-loved activities because it pushes us mentally and physically, building life skills like trust (your partner is always looking out for you) and perseverance (if at first you don’t succeed, try try again).


Though real rocks and indoor walls are different, the skills you learn inside the gym will prepare you for the world beyond the walls. Get a group of friends together and designate a night each week to climbing. Some gyms even have female-only ladies’ night.



Yoga is one of the easiest ways to move our bodies because it does not require any gear! Yes, we might need a yoga mat for better traction, but it’s not necessary. We don’t even need shoes. All we need is the body, breath, and mind. Enlightenment is optional.


We’re going to let you in on a little “secret” about yoga: it doesn’t always have to be a quiet practice and solo meditation. Partner (or acro) yoga is a hilariously fun and trust-building activity to do with friends! Find a partner who loves getting upside down and try a few moves.


If you’re a beginner to the yoga practice, shop around town at local yoga studios to find the style of yoga that best suits your needs. For fast-paced water-like flows, we suggest vinyasa. To stretch out those sore stiff muscles, try a yin class.



Our definition of skateboarding: going wherever the road takes us. We aren’t exceptionally talented at doing tricks (and we certainly don’t tear it up in the halfpipe…yet), but we always have fun!


Longboarding is especially fun on open stretches of flat roads where we can cruise into the sunset and get to a backyard barbecue a lot faster than walking.



One of the best ways to see the city (or escape from it) is to hop on a bike and pedal until we can’t anymore. The freedom of feeling the wind in our hair as we fly past traffic jams and power ourselves to new speeds feels unlike anything else.


We happen to live in a city with lots of bike trails – we can ride for miles without meeting a car. If you don’t live in a city like that – or worse, don’t have a bike – rent one! Plenty of cities now come equipped with bike rental services, where you can pickup a bike from one location and drop it off at another.



Next time you want to push the limits of your core strength and balance, socialize with friends, die from laughter, and feel on top of the world, give slacklining a try. Whenever we step onto our slackline, we imagine ourselves tight-rope walking across a treacherous gorge. In reality, we are 3 feet off the ground in the park.


If you’re new to slacklining, first set up the rope at a comfortable height above a soft landing spot. And if you find it’s not for you, just use the rope for an impromptu limbo competition! How low can ya go?



Running is one of those things that people either love or love to hate. Or maybe it’s a bit of both. We run – and not just when we are being chased. Yes, it’s harder than walking, but that’s what keeps us coming back. Running can be addictive. We like to think that running is therapeutic… it’s a personal triumph waiting to happen.


We don’t have to run for miles to feel the powers; sometimes the best runs are short and sweet, when we just need to escape the couch or de-stress after a long day of work. All we need is a pair of shoes and we are good to go. Not feeling confident enough yet to pound the pavement? Practice on a treadmill…then get outside.



Nothing brings out the inner child like somersaults and cartwheels. Sure, not all of us can jump into a backflip from standing, but all of us can enjoy a foam pit, trampoline, or bouncy castle. To experience the thrill of gymnastics (without having to be a gymnast or contortionist), visit a local gym for drop-in classes, then take it outside.


And if you’re feeling extra spicy, try your hand at parkour (aka free running). Parkour transforms everyday city objects into obstacles begging to be climbed, leap frogged, or vaulted. We hope this goes without saying but be safe out there. Concrete ain’t no joke.


Intramural Sports

Got a free hour and 5 friends? Put down the wine and pick up…basketball. Get it? Pick-up basketball? Let’s move on. Intramural sports are some of the best ways to work out and meet friends. Even if we didn’t play team sports growing up, we can join a casual league of indoor floor hockey, dodgeball, or even quidditch. Yes, the imaginary game from Harry Potter counts as a sport!


If team sports (and magic) aren’t your thing, get some friends together for an outdoor workout or sign up for a bootcamp. The endgoal: sweat out the grimace until a smile breaks through.

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